(rock tune) – The time period journey vlogger gets thrown round loads in this day and age. It’s a typical on YouTube, always trending on Instagram, and can also be complicated for these seeking a style of fact. I am Mike Johnston. I write for fun, I journey for trade, and these are my journey Diaries. (gentle rock song) (aircraft engine whirring) – we would like to welcome you to Atlanta. (nation rock tune) – Welcome to the sector’s busiest airport, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson global. Over 260,000 passengers a day are serviced right here, seventy five% of which by Delta airlines. This week, I’ve ascended upon the ATL, a city that mixes city sophistication with an unmistakable Southern allure. But on this shuttle, it’s now not industry that brings me to the dirty South. No, my acquaintances. This time, it’s very private. That is my historic stomping grounds, my place of birth. Let me take you on a tour. (mallet thuds) (automobile beeping) (nation rock track) excluding the occasional holiday journeys to talk over with household, i’ve been faraway from this situation for the earlier 12 years.Dwelling to 5.Eight million folks, Atlanta serves as the cultural and monetary middle of the higher metropolitan area. And with that many individuals, it should be no surprise that it’s tied with los angeles for the nation’s worst shuttle. The usual Atlantan spends 27 hours a week looking at any person else’s freakin’ bumper. Do not these men and women have jobs? At any cost, i’m on the town for the kiddos’ birthday and even as i’m here, I wanna explore the matters which might be uniquely Atlanta. But first, as they say right here in the South, i am so hungry I would devour the north end of a southbound skunk. (lively jazz song) No visit to town is complete without a go back and forth to fast-food heaven. The arena’s biggest power-in and Atlanta school when you consider that 1928, the college. (lively jazz tune) good day, how are you? – i am jet-flapping, flashed. Welcome to the school. What would you have got? What would you might have? What would you’ve gotten? – can i get a chili slaw canine? – a cold slaw canine? – Some rings. – A order of rings.- And a small FO? – Aint no small as a child-measurement. – can i get a common FO? – sure sir, you certain can. – Founder Frank Gordy dropped out of Georgia Tech after his professor instructed him that he was once so dumb he could not control a hotdog stand. In a historical display of Southern delight, Frank took his lifestyles savings of $1,800, walked across the road, and started this now iconic downtown landmark that the locals comfortably consult with because the V. And today, ninety one years later, two miles of hotdogs, 2,500 pounds of potatoes, 300 gallons of chili, and three,000 pounds of onions are consumed right here daily.(lively jazz music) excellent. – Ketchup and mustard? – No, i am excellent. Thank you! – All right. – Mm! A frozen orange. Vanilla ice cream in orange soda. Yummy! These onion rings are unequaled at any place on the earth. They’re made out of fresh, sweet, South Georgia Vidalia onions, deep fried to perfection. I had every intention of describing the food as I ate it however on reflection, it will have just pissed off Jesus to talk about it. Oh my! Faith is a significant factor right here within the South. I take quality alleviation in figuring out that proper now, that is lubricating my interior organs for the subsequent episode of the next day to come morning’s sport of Thrones, if you know what I imply. That is my happy place, but I believe we will have to mainly finish up and get checked into our motel.This chili is gonna must settle. (upbeat hiphop tune) As per usual, i will go with the overly hipster accommodations of The W motel, with ease located in Midtown, and inside jogging distance of the entire touristy (bleeps). (country rock song) Now, to assert that food is an predominant part of any go back and forth to the South is a sarcasm. Atlanta is certainly a city the place food tradition is a central part of its identification. (country rock track) And there is no better individual to guide our little congregation in that discussion than the Southern Godfather himself Mr. Jay Hutto. (Jay laughs) – not used to seeing you in this gentle. I really am a person that loves the humidity and the heat. The town of Atlanta is lovely modern. The inflow of humans from different places has quite converted the whole vibe of the city and i suppose Southern food more commonly is pretty basic. You do not have got to put a large twist on the whole thing. Although we do have variety of the brand new Southern-sort cuisine now where individuals are taking fried chicken and doing weird matters to it.I consider there’s a variety of greens in Southern cooking that are not fried, like fresh tomatoes, like fresh peas, not black-eyed peas but green peas. My mother does butter beans which are, I mean, if men and women do not know, the small lima beans. Take that, put a slice of recent tomato on prime of it with salt and pepper. I imply, that is, to me, as about so simple as that you can get. Traditional Southern cooking is lovely straightforward. You are making biscuits with lard. There isn’t a opposite direction to try this. (bugs chirping) – okay, kiddo. What do you wanna do first? – Pandas.- Pandas. (techno rock song) Now, to be reasonable, there may be tons of cool (bleeps) that you can do in the ATL, even if some of it’s a little bit touristy. If 360-measure city views is your thing, then there’s a 20-story carnival wheel however keep the school till afterwards. Perhaps a stroll by means of the overly-cheerful shrine to the regional sugar water supplier. There may be even the arena’s largest indoor fish sanctuary the place that you could gaze upon matters that aren’t necessarily native to the South, which to be honest, is in reality beautiful cool. However the kiddo is proper. What’s relatively cool? Freakin’ pandas! (playful average song) Zoo Atlanta is one among four places in the us that condominium huge pandas.Lun Lun and Yang Yang arrived in Atlanta as teenagers in 1999 and live on the zoo on mortgage from China. And even though they are one of the crucial essential attractions, there may be so much more to peer right here. (playful average song) Zoo Atlanta was once situated in 1889 after a regional lumber service provider, George Gress, bought animals from a failed circus right here in grant Park. The zoo is located on this ancient park, the oldest park in the city of Atlanta. And real, it is a pleasant trip for the whole family here.(playful average track) (drum song) Now, to truly realise Atlanta, you have got to fully grasp its historical past, a history that at present is still normally tough to talk about, rooted in a painfully violent and generally lawless previous. (canon explodes) Many cities suffered for the period of the American Civil battle however few skilled some thing just like the devastation of Atlanta. Atlanta used to be a major railway hub for the whole South. This made the city a pivotal distribution core for confederate military deliver chains and a goal for the Union navy. Greater than 10,000 accomplice and Union troops would die for the duration of the battle of Atlanta. In what would come to be known as common Sherman’s March to the ocean, town was well-nigh burned to the ground. Within the 1960s, because of the voice and vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Atlanta found itself the organizing center of the country wide Civil Rights action.King believed that prepared nonviolent protests against the procedure of Southern segregation often called the Jim Crow laws would result in wide media protection of the struggle for black equality within the South. He used to be proper. There was now not a shortage of journalistic money owed and televised insurance policy of the day-to-day deprivation, blatant violence, and indignity suffered by means of Southern blacks. This produced a wave of shock in public opinion that convinced nearly all of americans that the Civil Rights action was the primary quandary in American politics. (country music) in these days, Atlanta is a thriving, ethnically-diverse metropolis. The financial system is the 10th biggest in the country and claims the nation’s third largest attention of Fortune 500 companies. It can be the global headquarters of organizations like Coca-Cola, dwelling Depot, Delta airlines, and UPS, and the motion snapshot and television enterprise is responsible for more than 92,000 jobs and virtually four.6 billion in wages.Not bad, Atlanta. (nation song) once I suppose of present day-day Atlanta, I consider about Ted Turner. He actually invented 24-hour information, is the owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball workforce, and known globally as the outspoken and commonly controversial Mouth of The South. However to me, his nice contribution to the sector arms down is bison. Ted’s Montana Grill, located on the primary floor of Turner’s place of work building downtown is a throwback experience centered on early American ideals. One should be publicly shamed for coming to Atlanta with out dining here. (country rock track) I’ve referred to as upon a fellow hillbilly, a true native son of the South, Mr.Kenny Hefner to join me for this responsible pleasure. And as invariably, furnish his precise perspective on the tradition and historical past of the South. Southern, all the method. (chuckles) – the entire way. Dwelling within the South and being 4 hours from Asheville, North Carolina, which i like The Smoky Mountains. I imply, I appreciate the Rockies, I respect the Cascades, however there is nothing like these deep force of Mount Mitchell. After which of direction, you are six hours from the Emerald Coast. Atlanta, I believe, possibly unique in the world particularly truthfully for the way in which it’s blended the cultures together and made that jump to an global city, which is exquisite while you think about that point span. I’ve traveled around quite just a little but i’m glad, I’ve by no means felt the pressure to depart economically. Various humans did and they also had to leave however I in no way felt that. My dad’s facet of the loved ones have been pure hillbillies, sharecroppers, just barely scraping by way of, and so here i’m, the redneck hillbilly.And literal hillbillies! My grandparents on my dad’s facet lived in a holler north of Clarkesville and up near Wildcat Creek which is among the nice trout fishing holes on the earth. (nation rock tune) – that is one thing that Kenny and i have in common. We are both, actually, redneck hillbillies. About three hours north of downtown lies the foothills of The Appalachians, God’s nation. Things are a little slower here, and you understand what? That is just first-class with me. (country rock track) Up right here, we’re a fan of back porches and rocking chairs. We don’t get in a rush. And observing the grass develop sounds like a mighty fine afternoon. It is difficult for me to live in a location the place you are not able to purchase alcohol on a Sunday, however trust me, pals, it can be a quality location to unplug, unwind, and take a ruin as soon as in a even as. Perhaps the next day we will do some trout fishing. For now, i’m content material to sit down my ass correct here and do nothing.(nation rock music) .

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