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(music) Skout. What’s it you are doing back there? Simply takin’ stock, Toth! Bought the whole lot we have to capture a bounty! Knife, jerky, bow, arrows, quiver, knife, Don Paragon designated Aqua Elegante, extra knives – Uh, Toth? Why do we want so many knives once more? Stabbing. Even this one? Specially that one. Oh, right. How silly of me. Why do we’d like so many books? Uh…So that we’ll comprehend the whole lot we ought to understand in regards to the desolate tract? I already be aware of the whole lot I need to comprehend about the desolate tract. Oh, of path! I am such a dunderhead! …This sort of dunderhead… You’re here for the reason that you’re the best soldiers in any of the four corners. You might be ruthless, cunning, and your name strikes worry into the hearts of all who would oppose us! You are Don Paragon’s Dandy Lions! The Don chose each and every one among you for this essential mission: to find the dreaded Nomad! A few of you may also die.But so many extra will return again to the oasis as heroes! You said all this last time! And the time before that, at the cave? You were so sure he used to be in that cave. However he weren’t. And i’ll say it as many extra times as I need to unless we discover him! The Nomad is not just a further bounty! He’s the most desired man on the earth, and has been for the last hundred years! Considering that he is magic! He is a menace that- "A risk that have to be stopped." we all know! You performed told us! It is like she don’t even take heed to us, Jethro! Well, I for one- *surprise noises* Does any one else have whatever to say? Well, because you invited…It is clear you are main us on one more wild goose chase. And while you return to Don Paragon empty-surpassed (again) pink-Manuel would be the one to take your location at his side. Well, appears as if crimson wishes to begin this old tune and dance at the prime of the mission today. Skout! Get me my stabbing knife. Now hold on you two, we’re supposed to be on the identical side! And we’re purported to appreciate rank! Toth’s in charge for the reason that she’s the excellent and all people is aware of it. How lovely that your spittoon girl thinks so extremely of you, Toth. Good day now! Furthermore to carrying the spittoon, i will have you recognize I additionally carry a quality deal of other things! And how’s that working out for you? *laughter* It appears she will be able to manage it better than you. Now form up and transfer out! I’ve on no account seen plants like this in character! Some of these vegetation should not even exist anymore. You think a booklet goes to preserve you right here? That book would have advised you that used to be a toxic pinch butler. You think being clever means you belong right here, however everyone knows when the time comes to take motion, you’ll just cower behind Toth such as you at all times do. *growl* i’ll exhibit that crimson what’s what. I am cut out for journey, i’m courageous! Ah! Fine job, Skout. You have got long gone and difficulted this entire factor up. *clatter* Aw, now i am simply scaring myself. To feel that a rock would… *SCREAMING* *SCREAMING* do not transfer! Do me a want. Try to seem a smidge extra intimidating for a 2nd. *squeak* wager that answers that. My identify’s Skout. Reckon you live out right here in these brambles? Great, maybe that you can aid me out.Acquired a reputation, stranger? … That you may talk, can not you? A mute, huh? Good, that’s a conundrum. I do not even comprehend what to name ya. You want me to call you ‘pal’? Whelp, that is excellent adequate for me! Uh, say there friend. These critters are a-mazing! Are they only a part of the local wildlife here or… Hi there! Good, dag nab it! Huh? What within the… There’s… Nothing really like this in my field guide. I wonder if… *gasp* probably the Nomad IS here! And this is the entire influence of his magic! I need to go, pal. I’ve gotta find Toth! Wait, you understand the Nomad? You know where he lives? *gasp* are you able to show me? Oh, thanks! This will show each single a type of Dandies! Even Toth will have got to notice. Let’s go! *CHOMP* What is that this situation? Huh. Appears like no person’s home. Hey! This feels an awful lot like trespassing. You coming inside of? He have to have been cooped up in right here for ages. They are saying no one’s visible him for a hundred years.Does he ever leave the briar patch? Appears find it irresistible’d be terrible lonesome. He have got to be demise for any person to talk to. No wonder why he is so evil. Good, the Nomad evidently lives here. So I suppose it can be great we installed an ambush and wait for him to come back back. I will go get Toth and the others. Oh, you’re gonna love her. Once she finds that evil nomad she’ll fairly let em’ have it. Whatever unsuitable? What are you doing with that historic sheet? I’ve observed you. Nomad. Such! A! Dunderhead! You are coming with us, and no amount of trickery and magic can prevent! *Claps twice* Ah! Trickery and magic! You fools! Crimson Manuel will exhibit how that is executed.Get again here! You are ruining purple Manuel’s moment! Aw sheet! No extra video games. Toth, wait! He’s now not what you suppose! *Roars* I are not able to see! Fast, aid purple Manuel! He’s claustrophobic! Although so much to proud to admit it. Get your palms off me! *screaming* Oops. Oops. No! He is getting away! Any individual do anything! Um… Sorry? You let him get away! He is not out of the woods but.So let’s burn the woods down. Wait, Toth! Don’t you think that is going too a ways? These moral quandaries are beyond our pay grade. I concur. Oh, expensive. Wait! Toth, you have to stop! This whole location is gonna burn down! That’s the idea. *department cracking* We ought to return and aid the others! They may be gonna be stuck in that clearing! We cannot stop now. We will not! *coughs* help! Please! Somebody! *coughing* *Explodes via wall of fire* howdy, fella. Desire a snack? You… You saved us. Thanks, buddy. *coughing* you’ve gotten obtained no location to hide, Nomad. Don Paragon will hear of what happened! He’ll not rest except you might be captured. So. What are you going to do now?

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