Atlanta Airport Map

Skytrax has released the outcomes of its yearly list of 10 Best Airports On the Planet and, once more, Singapore’s Changi Airport had the top spot. Mostly winning airports are located in Europe as well as Asia as well as only one from North America. The 3rd busiest airport in the globe 2011, London Heathrow Airport, earning its position on the list mainly due to its exceptionally Considered Terminal 5, which opened in 2008. The Vancouver International Airport is the only North American consultant on the set of Best Airports in the planet. Skytrax named it the Greatest Airport in North America for the 4th year in a row in 2013.

The biggest international airfield in Switzerland, Zurich Airport was substantially expanded in 2003 with a brand new terminal and an undercover automated train known as the Skymetro, which shuttles voyagers. Located seven miles north of Zurich’s city centre, in addition, it ranked tremendously in Skytrax’s airport security processing, immigration, as well as dining groups. Beijing Capital has quickly ascended in rankings of the world busiest airports in the previous decade. It’d become the busiest airport in Asia as well as second busiest in planet. To accommodate the growing traffic amount, Beijing Capital added the huge Terminal 3 in 2008 in time for the Olympics, the 2nd largest airport terminal in the globe after Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, as well as the 6th biggest building in the world by region.

Haneda Airport won Skytrax honor for World’s Greatest Domestic Airport, and was recommended for shopping, protection processing, and cleanliness. The airport is a brand new entry in the top ten set of Best Airports in the world, has gone up five places from its own 2012 position. It had been also recognized by as the most punctual airport in the planet for 2 years in a row, with 94.3% of its flights departing flights hours and 88.6% arriving on time. Schiphol opened in 1916 as a military airport as well as has transformed into one of the busiest airports in the planet.

Schiphol also earned top awards for Best Airport in Europe. A 3rd position finisher last year, Hong Kong International Airport slipped to 4th place in the overall vote for the Best Airports in the planet. Located less than five flying hours from 50% of the world’s population, is among the busiest airport. It had been named the best airport for dining as well as luggage delivery, and rated among the top airports for cleanness and shopping. Germany’s second busiest airport with regards to passenger traffic. A lot of the walls and roofs are constructed of glass, making the airport feel big and open.