Luggage Reviews 2017

We are excited to present you with our luggage reviews. The luggage review site that offers luggage reviews, comprehensive top lists, and articles to help travelers find the perfect luggage. What do actual travelers have to say about the luggage they have purchased and used themselves? We carefully analyze luggage reviews from various places, especially Amazon. We conduct extensive product review research for multiple categories and brands of luggage, and we present our findings in an approachable format so you can quickly and easily get the information that matters most to you. If you are in the process of comparing the best luggage brands and want to make sure that you end up with the best travel bag for your money, we can help. We are a luggage information resource and we do not sell anything – but we do offer a special section showing you the best place to buy luggage online. Luggage comes in different shapes and sizes to serve different purposes, so we categorized the luggage in a way that can help you narrow down the best luggage choice for you. Luggage sets include at least two pieces consisting of bags that vary in size to accommodate all types of trips and travelers. Generally speaking, luggage sets aren’t really gender specific – however, we did create resources for the best women’s luggage sets, as well as the best men’s luggage sets. These sets can offer options of larger luggage pieces that you can check in, medium-size bags that you can use as carry-ons and smaller bags that can hold personal items. If you have questions about carry on size restrictions, check out our carry on luggage size chart. Carry-on luggage can be categorized as wheeled luggage, duffel bags, garment bags, messenger bags and backpacks. Wheeled luggage stands upright and can have spinner wheels that are designed to roll in all directions or inline wheels that are designed to move forward or backward. As a traveler searching for luggage brands to accommodate these factors, there’s a lot to consider. What is better, hard or soft-sided luggage? The answer really comes down to personal preference.


Tracy is from Australia and she loves travel. She is based out of Atlanta or the ATL. Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport.

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