Tumi is one of the most well known and tough luggage companies around. You’ll see their gear a lot as you travel. It’s typically not cheap when you shop for their stuff. It is very good quality however. We looked on the Tumi website and we found the whole set of product tests that the company does on their gear. That’s very impressive. You can find a store using their store finder link. http://www.tumi.com/store-finder/

Here is a huge list of testing that they do on their products.

  1. Product Safety
  2. Colorfastness to Crocking
  3. Colorfastness to Water/Water Repellancy
  4. Colorfastness to Perspiration
  5. Colorfastness to UV Fading
  6. Oil Resistance
  7. Clean ability
  8. Finish Adhesion
  9. Abrasion Resistance
  10. Bally Flex
  11. Stiffness
  12. Tensile Strength
  13. Tear Strength
  14. Seam Strength
  15. Break/Pipiness
  16. Shrinkage
  17. Dimensional Stability
  18. Salt Spray
  19. Mini-Tumble
  20. Operational Forces
  21. Zipper Crosswise Strength
  22. Zipper Puller Tensile Strength
  23. Environmental Cycle
  24. Handle Jerk/Strap Jerk
  25. Drop Test
  26. Tumble Test
  27. Telescoping Handle Free Fall/Impact
  28. Telescoping Handle Cycling
  29. Mileage Cycle
  30. Customized tests as required