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If price is not your first consideration, if you care more about quality of design and construction, you will appreciate the Briggs & Riley, Hartmann, Travelpro and Tumi brands. At the eyes of owners, some baggage actually not exceed other luggage, even luggage with a great reputation. Owners of the aforementioned luggage brands do not exactly agree on good, better, best, so Bag Reviews may only look at them in alphabetical order. As regards construction and practicality of design, Briggs & Riley has found some very loyal customers. The truth that Briggs and Riley provides packing blocks is much valued by frequent travelers.

Briggs and Riley luggage is very lightweight and built to last, but its colour selections are limited. Commercial luggage identifiers or individually crafted ones can have to be added for easy identification on the luggage carousel. As regards cost, a 20 Carry-on Superlight Upright could be located for about $320.00. There is also a 22 Baseline Carry On in the same range of costs. Briggs and Riley trump card has to be its Life, no questions asked, guarantee. Exceptional 360 level four wheel rotational motion for simple and effortless motion Telescoping two stage manage that locks at 37 inches and 41 inches and offers comfortable gliding Main compartment packing region with two zippered side pockets and padded tie down straps to maintain garments safely Front concealed magnetic slash pocket for easy access to travel documents paper, etc.

The removable dangling travel kit with mesh zipper pockets and elastic storage space for organizing toiletries contains an all purpose drawstring bag, waterproof zipper pouch and baggage tag. One characteristic not often found is the inclusion of the exclusive Global Retrieval System, which helps reunite owners with their lost baggage. Without doubt, this isn’t inexpensive luggage, but owners claim it is worth every penny. At the eyes of Luggage Reviews that’s a great endorsement. Given the nature of their job, airline employees give their baggage a great exercise. Still, they praise Travelpro’s lightweight and its durable construction. One customer says, It appears good, is durable, and best of all, it’s manufactured to fit in the overhead bins. This is the baggage you trust to the airline, in the end. Founded in 1975, Tumi became a leader in luxury travel accessories. It’s, without doubt, one among the brands of choice for the discerning traveler worldwide.

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