So just bought accomplished consuming these pump swings shows they’re nonetheless on my face you’ll discover the sauce there sauce there that’s intentional i want these wings I advised the dude I was gonna come again look at those they may be so just right so I want to show you guys King Royals wings food truck for the reason that it was robust i do not even key like this however I think like i’m sinning and that i needed to prefer me up after the information that the airlines has misplaced the records for 25 boxes of vegetation how nice is that that is part of the existence and bringing plants you get some wings on the street Marietta Georgia hi man you equipped in a video so I needed to come back out after eating this dude’s wings man considering the fact that you recognize I have to keep dude I ate all that my spouse even says seem excellent through the text and i had to come again out I do not know I recollect your title i do know your foods with the aid of King Royal what’s what’s your identify bro Larry King of Kings royal wing Memphis time we do a gourmand we give you a we want to exhibit someone what’s up to pull dustinsfishtanks carry it to you at our friends at southern aquatics losing in on a whilst i’m trapped in Hotlanta consuming my way consuming my method through Atlanta these females have been form adequate to let me scarf some hola tacos however sufficient of that say what’s up fish tank men and women folks I obtained to inform you these individuals are cool as heck i have been in here walking round introduce yourselves they obtained Taylor Ashley say hiya duck for a bit of while the import of 8,000 plants did not go so good so i’m right here and i’m trapped if you’re going to and i am checking it out and i’m striking out with I bought a did Taylor – different aquatics let me name them tiene roll with that however ladies this is a attractive store I’ve acquired tons of footage of it two chicks going for walks a gorgeous save the very first thing i spotted when I walked in used to be all of like simply the white space and that i made them flip the lights off for us so that I might get higher shots of their fish but are you able to guys simply kind of say the place you’re how long you been open and variety of give folks the the intro after which we’ll stroll around we’re placed in Roswell Georgia we are about three years ancient going on three years ok Wow family-owned that works out ok they do have boxing gloves best well cool good yeah I surely love the design of this store let’s identical to walk round and and speak about one of the stuff we acquired happening so from the stands to the tanks this can be a product of my father who used to be a civil engineer shout-out to David Bowie shout-out to David Bowie and become aware of this for you all with the design eyes that’s acquired the design here the pyramid they’ve got one there they’ve bought one there adore it like it’s variety of it can be very inviting engineer designed it you had been announcing the lighter colours it can be not your average fish store right with all the lights on it can be really bright and airy in here we’re totally equipped this entire row front and back in captain cap is saltwater followed by means of African cichlids adopted by using relevant South american citizens so we try to make it tremendous customer pleasant over here now we have acquired the plaintiff desk which has been wholly ravished via a sale we had this weekend adopted via two coral tables and all of our crops would get from Dustin that is correct what’s up we are trying and so they acquired it hooked up to cuz they bought lights like they’ve acquired just right the radion lights above it shallow water I mean easy we have been speakme we had been speaking tanks I imply that is like shallow depth they’ve obtained new development absolutely i am gonna spend a bit time within the plant part but they acquired new growth on all of the swords so i’m loving that i’m seeking to convince them to take one in every of their large sweet pieces of driftwood for sale and carry it up out the top however I shouldn’t have my possess shop so I keep my mouth shut however I do have I imply you’ve gotten plants I talk about crops all day lengthy let’s speak about one of the vital salt oh and i also I wish to ask you guys this why did you all a store what used to be like the thing what was once like the catalyst was there like several soup initi just poor judgment in order that now i am going theme in the course of this wonderful factor so stupidity was once the motive you began k I do not know I feel I consider that’s simply obvious ardour yeah ardour for you know education spreading a phrase getting the whole thing in the market and and helping individuals be taught about the interest yeah how so much enjoyable is it to look at a person go from like rookie to love coming within the next week like several right I received a greater tank you are aware of it’s potent to peer that pleasure that I you know I get revamped off of them yeah yeah for certain for certain so we’ve obtained these programs are one hundred fifty gallons and these are the without doubt the corals with the radians on it yeah excellent looking just right you guys you guys do it it looks such as you do a good quantity of coral revenue both so exceptional so most of the time there’s things within the core and matters on the part but you understand it’s Tuesdays most of the time the day we sit around and two ladies with a bank card we order stun durst and it can be typically a hello to call you all to love and i wanted to look i’m in stated what is what’s it we’re going here man was once gonna bet that yeah and then what is the setup again right here this is patrons allowed in here yes Rock room so most likely this is cycled and carried out and in a position to go new rock goes there this rock helps that rock developed and emerge as mature full of life certain we’re the first come in finding all that we preserve a little fish in there all people’s well you’ll be able to see like a tang goodbye or something like that just to maintain the whole lot nevertheless it’s clean we do not we do not use rocks straight from the ocean in view that as too many predators in it we use dry rock and then make it round it okay very cool it can be a groovy setup i love the way in which that works let’s uncooked let’s we will roll over here i really like these cubes they appear quite good you guys can’t see this but that is truly overflowing so that’s a quite cool yeah that’s now not it’s cool so this sides closed that sides open oh first-class those are these custom mayor these are candy you realize the meadows oh excellent they are near me they’re out of Tennessee they are just right individuals yeah that’s very cool cool I I ought to ask there may be a massive monster fish around here someplace i am gonna i am gonna factor out however what do you you recognize do you attempt to cater to a distinctive port hobbyist or you obtained your recent and salt is there we’re 50/50 practically on everything so we attempt to we try to cater to every person gotcha so we we do raise that what i’d take into account the sort of higher echelon more difficult to seek out matters like a pizza Brahmas first-class these higher flowerhorn except the Petco just right wise cannot lift over one right I wish to I wish to factor out one of the fish that I particularly was once like him and she or he’s became the lights off throughout trade hours man that is preferred rather cool Phil what what are these guys I normally forget the Ned Dunmore yeah that moron and those are like get a big hump on their head they look like dolphins k yeah I’ve visible those these are cool and then we had the tank of the we will walk around the bush our DS or whatever i like these yeah so that you guys had your water here we have been talking about your water your water comes out beautiful gentle Tom out of the tap it comes out at 5 four stands proud 0y by using four by way of 4 that is ridiculous you acquired to get these guys those are particularly cool i am gonna go over this fashion given that I wish to exhibit these fish proper here you’re excellent we obtained time the place’s that tremendous red guy oh right here it’s i like this fish did you guys like if a person convey that in or relatively massive animal Tara Juana’s pink rose Queens and that might be still plenty of liquor final generation one with the black Arowana Wow lovely that’s fantastic yeah that’s a quite cool fish now having saved monsters I felt my fish I quite wanna get to hon i like the rainbows right here I would no longer name this rainbow although I was seeking to determine it out the Turks however they are one more kind of Turks when you consider that they have got I would simply be the lighter more often than not we’re completed to the women that is cuz they’re the females I got it did you now not happen to have any apisto x’ oh here we go you received some yeah love those tacos Anna pocket oldies or cockatoo something like that range flash apistogramma Krakatoa yeah these are exceptional Disqus so your water definitely comes out equipped for discus yeah click links around here determine out why i don’t think this these I talked smack about discus just like parkour a bit exaggerated just for the YouTube result can i said the discus would not have personalities and i am eating these words as we communicate with small discus in a store that obviously don’t care that i am hanging out with over so I might have gotten that one wrong i’ve been around discus which are just now not enjoyable these this disc is certainly like yeah i am particularly i am without a doubt quite impressed so that’s wonderful really cool maintaining Oscars adore it and then very well you were promoting these a minute in the past I wanted to inform that woman to take all of them considering the fact that such as you appreciate it is a candy tuition can you talk about the Peruvian rummy knows on the grounds that they would not have the rummy however that repeatedly on and off or what have been you announcing do not just about the digicam cuz the audio isn’t high-quality so there are false rummy knows tetris so they’re rummy knows they please but they are no longer customarily natural rummy knows they may be rubbing noses purple at all times and what they get scared or like threatened and these guys flip it on and off at their amusement excellent any clue the place Peru they may be from considering that there may be some rivers in Peru that run the lessen pH i’m assuming that may be the place they would be ordinarily and this i’m hoping I got it on the opposite shot this institution of 40 cats in right here was effective a minute in the past they have been all like you’re like doing the whole Cory cat thing yeah if you happen to’ve on no account saved the college of Cory cats you are lacking in fishtank men and women due to the fact that Cory cats have just a phenomenal character so these are Neil and Fergus for shorty over there that’s a bashar d okay hold on what are the entire little guys the little guys are the sunflower cichlids or the super chrome is a micro micro up right here is all we have got to understand k oh so these aren’t a Prashar it’s yet another k in there however unique sorts my gosh that is the one to go yeah these are candy fish I’ve continually had loads for the seem of them and the temperament relatively smaller Charney’s oh exceptional cool good that’s all let’s troll round here we are going to roll up entrance and say goodbye i like these little cubes glass cages coming via she stated show off the congos i’ll look at her dad and mom those are cool they are so goofy watching however they’re cool you know yeah they obtained cool faces get close and inform us about this buffer I clicked links round right here for a wild comp offer videos incidentally thus to tango exactly and he does have a cousin an agent referred to as The Macomb supper guy very similar they bro and the substrate they’re ambush predators in order that they choose a live food various people can get them on frozen shrimp or even like earthworms very enjoyable personalities once they get to know you absolutely can not have associates no pals like no no compatibility no these aren’t any pal fish best that’s not a bad price – 79 bucks that’s lovely cool all that bearing down in there wow appear at that you just can’t even are you able to guys make that out you’ll find simply the tiny little eyes Wow these are cool Taylor y’all are definitely busy so we’ll say where can where individuals find out extra about you provide us your handle where are you sure we’re at 20 Holcomb Bridge street Roswell Georgia we’ve got fb page southern aquatic nearby fish retailer and we’re on Instagram so verify us out which you can additionally give us a call or e-mail us our mobile quantity at seven seven zero six eight six seven seven three four and our e-mail deal with is information at southern aquatics LFS danke and so they’re cool men and women definitely thank every body

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