The Jimmy Carter Collection and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia homes UNITED STATE Head of state Jimmy Carter’s papers and also various other material associating to the Carter administration and the Carter household’s life. The collection likewise holds special displays, such as Carter’s Nobel Peace Prize and a full-blown replica of the Oval Office as it was during the Carter Management, including a recreation of the Tenacious workdesk.


The Carter Library and also Museum consists of some parts that are possessed as well as administered by the federal government, and some that are privately owned and also run. The library as well as museum are run by the National Archives and Records Administration and are component of the Presidential Library system of the federal government. Privately possessed areas residence Carter’s workplaces as well as the offices of the Carter Center, a non-profit human legal rights agency.

The building real estate the collection and also museum makes up 69,750 square fee, with 15,269 square feet of space for exhibits and 19,818 square feet of archive and also storage area. The collection piles house 27 million web pages of records, 500,000 pictures, as well as 40,000 objects, along with movies, videos, and audiotapes. These collections cover all areas of the Carter management, from international and residential plan to the individual lives of President and Mrs. Carter.

The facility exists next to John Lewis Liberty Parkway, which was initially called “Presidential Parkway” in its drawing board.